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        Answer applet development case_Xinhua News Agency

        Mini Program Development, Mini Program Production, Answer Mini Program, Mobile Platform Development. The applet page uses red as the background, which conforms to the red China News Agency. In responding to projects with tight online schedules and high project requirements, Time Chuangxin's team coordination ability has once again been put to the test.
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        新华社是中国共产党早期创建的重要宣传舆论机构,从诞生起就在党中央的直接领导下开展工作,肩负党和人民赋予的神圣使命,发挥喉舌、耳目、智库和信息总汇作用,为党团结带领全国各族人民取得革命、建设和改革的重大胜利作出了重要贡献。 Background description: Xinhua News Agency is an important publicity organization established by the Communist Party of China in the early days. Since its birth, it has worked under the direct leadership of the Party Central Committee. It has made important contributions to the party's solidarity and leading the people of all ethnic groups across the country to achieve major victory in revolution, construction, and reform.
        Use the form of answer games to enhance users' in-depth understanding of current affairs and political information. Become another big window for propagating party and government knowledge.
        小程序开发,小程序制作,答题小程序,移动平台开发 Basic requirements: Mini Program Development, Mini Program Production, Answer Mini Program, Mobile Platform Development

        在小程序开发初期把内容功能板块共分类 15项。 Solution: In the early stage of applet development, classify the content and function sections into 15 items. In the small program design, we are guided by corporate brand characteristics. The page uses red as the background, which is in line with the brand image of the red China News Agency. Show users the "recognized" and "special" brand image as a national institution. In UI design, we use "dark red" as an element to highlight the product image of the Xinhua News Agency applet. It reflects the solemnity and solemnity of the corporate brand.

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