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Website construction plan planning book

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Website construction plan planning book (1)

Group website production case
I. Background

It is also the preface or overview that everyone often refers to. At the beginning of the planning book, the related content of the Internet and the company is introduced. If it is the preface of the website revision planning book, it usually writes about the reason why the website is revised, etc. This part of the content is relatively "virtual" content, but try not to space, try to be concise and eye-catching at the beginning, to give people a sudden and cheerful feeling.

Market analysis

This part is to explain the market situation of related industries, what are the characteristics, whether to carry out e-commerce on the Internet, the main competitors of the market and the situation of their websites; it can also analyze the company's own conditions.

Third, the purpose of the site and the positioning of the website

This part should explain why the enterprise should establish a website, and determine the purpose and function of the website according to the functions of the website. The basic items of the website can also be introduced in this part, such as website, URL, logo and website slogan.

Fourth, content planning

Information structure and columns of the website. Plan the content of your site based on its purpose and function. Corporate website basically includes: company profile, product and service introduction, contact information, etc. E-commerce may consider more content, such as member registration, product introduction, information search and query, and related help.

Five, image design

The overall image of the website, the artwork, and the design of the web page. Including website planning, overall image creation, distribution of homepage information, page layout planning, and webpage design and production.

Technical solutions

The technical solution used by the website is determined according to the functions of the website. Especially for large websites, technology is a very important issue. This part should explain the software and hardware environment used in website development, whether the server used is self-built or rented virtual host, and related management allocation, expenses and so on.

Process and labor

Website development time schedule. The plan for building the website, the staff required for the website, and the people needed for each position must be written into the planning book, so that those who read the planning book can easily judge the project's funding and feasibility.

Website Maintenance

Website maintenance includes maintenance of software and hardware, and maintenance of website content.

Nine , release and promotion

Website test and release plan, public relations, advertising activities, etc., and costs after the website is published must be clearly written.

Website construction plan planning book (2)

Group website production case
First , positioning analysis

Website analysis: Anatomical analysis of the website itself in order to find the basic problems of the website;

E-commerce positioning: E-commerce positioning of corporate websites and clarifying the location of the website;

E-commerce model analysis: analyze the e-commerce model of the website, and study the e-commerce model that matches the website;

Industry competition analysis: industry competition, comprehensive analysis of industry websites;

Website development plan analysis: E-commerce website short-term planning and long-term development strategy implementation feedback analysis.

Website diagnosis

Website structure diagnosis: whether the structure of the website is reasonable, effective, convenient, and consistent with the habits of users;

Website page diagnosis: whether the page code is concise, the page is clear, the page capacity is appropriate, and the page color is appropriate;

File and file name diagnosis: file format, file name, etc .;

Access system analysis: statistical system installation, origin analysis, area analysis, visitor analysis, keyword analysis, etc .;

Diagnosis of promotion strategy: whether the promotion strategy of the website is effective, whether it is backward, whether to adopt a compound promotion strategy, etc.

Marketing analysis

Keyword analysis: whether the keywords are appropriate, whether the keyword density is reasonable, etc .;

Search engine login analysis: which login method is used and whether the login information is valid;

Link relevance analysis: whether the popularity of the link is high, and whether it belongs to a highly relevant link;

Target market analysis: analyze the target market and study the relationship between the target market and marketing;

Product analysis: analysis of product characteristics, product selling points, etc .;

Marketing page analysis: the location of the marketing page settings, the content of the marketing page, the feeling of the marketing page, etc .;

Analysis of marketing channels: how are the marketing channels used and how to develop new marketing channels;

Analysis of follow-up products and services: development of follow-up products and analysis of service status feedback;

Price analysis: how the price is, reasonableness, etc.

Fourth, comprehensive optimization

Website architecture optimization: structural optimization, optimization of e-commerce operating environment, etc .;

Website page optimization: page layout, page design optimization;

Navigation design: convenience of navigation, optimization of navigation text, etc .;

Link organization: processing the internal and external links of the website;

Optimized label design: Optimize the related labels.

Five, integrated promotion

Website traffic promotion strategy: The key is still the traffic problem, many internet marketing methods will be used in this process;

External link promotion: the use of friendly link strategies;

Viral marketing strategy: specific strategies need to be used flexibly;

Other promotion: Pay attention to network changes and develop new promotion methods.


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