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Recruitment website construction program

点击:1600 发表时间:2018-08-16 Editor-in-chief: Click: 1600 Published: 2018-08-16

I. Overview

With the deepening of the informatization process and the rapid development of the Internet, networkization has become the development trend of enterprise informatization, and information resources have also been shared to a large extent. In particular, the current financial crisis is sweeping the globe, leading to serious industry problems. How to improve your skills has become an important issue related to personal life. How to use the network platform to provide people with a window to understand government information, job hunting, skills training, and public service has become a concern of talent network operators.

It doesn't stick to the traditional talent recruitment website. It only provides talent exchange and related applications, but it also requires the job search, public information promotion, and daily business to be a high-speed talent circulation service platform. How to make better use of it? The network has improved the flow of talents, and network promotion has become the top priority for improving the talent network.

The network serves the talent network, and the talent network serves society. Realizing external publicity, talent exchange, entrepreneurship platforms, college student internship bases, personnel file inquiry, social security knowledge, etc. This has immeasurable significance to the people's livelihood. It is not only a website, but also an effective high-tech management Methods and means.

拥有专业的网站设计、制作、开发及维护人员,我们将人才网的具体情况及需要量身定做一个很的网站,在功能上考虑到人性化操作和功能扩充等方面,为人才网的发展创造更好的前景,从而达到我们的服务宗旨。 Times Chuangxin website construction company has professional website design, production, development and maintenance staff. We tailor the specific situation and needs of the talent network to a very good website. In terms of functions, humanized operation and function expansion are considered. Create better prospects for the development of talent network, so as to achieve our service purpose.

Website structure

Provide various aspects of talent website solutions for various types of traditional talent intermediary companies that carry out talent intermediary services (recruitment), to help these industries establish and develop online businesses, and to improve the service quality and service efficiency of such industries in various ways. Improve the overall level and competitiveness of industry services.

The core of the talent website is mainly for hiring companies and job applicants. Therefore, the entire website is organized around this framework. Whether for corporate users or individuals, you must first register as a member of the website and fill in relevant information before you can post information on the website. This is also to ensure the validity of the information to a certain extent. The behavioral functions of users with different roles on the website are as follows:

Operating platform

(1), PHP5, Mysql5, Apache2 / IIS6 or above;

(2) Can run on multiple platforms such as Windows, Linux, Mac;

(3) The browser front desk requires users to enable the cookie function (Browsing requires IE6, Firefox 3.x or above);

2. System architecture

(1) PHP OOP thoughts are easy to maintain and upgrade, and have good security;

(2) Using PHP template separation can facilitate page modification and secondary development and upgrade;

(3) The use of independent management authority models by corporate members and individual members does not create conflicts and facilitates management;

3. Summary of system characteristics

(1) Individual members have multiple resumes with a single account, and can quickly post different resumes according to different enterprises;

(2) Individual members can quickly establish their own resume information by creating standard resume and pasting resume models;

(3). Individual members can manage their individual job applications through search, collection, and posting functions;

(4) Individual members can find accurate enterprises through application and recommendation models;

(5) Enterprise members can be divided into three categories: ordinary members, quarterly members and annual members.

(6), corporate members can post different resumes and reward resumes to recommend to a priority position;

(7) Enterprise members can get income from applying for advertising operators;

(8) The general back-office can find and cooperate with the website operation and operation of headhunting services through auditing, configuration and preview;

(9) The content synchronization and exchange functions are opened to facilitate the filling of operator resources;

(10), cloud download function, relevant industry company recruitment and enterprise information, resume and content of some job seekers, industry news and industry policies, etc.


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