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Enterprise information service website construction plan

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Enterprises not only establish their corporate image through the Internet, but also have more products and want to promote product sales and strengthen customer communication and management through the Internet.

网站建设方案 是您很佳的选择: If you have a large number of products or provide multiple services, customers communicate frequently, want to further promote product sales, and better manage customer information, then using an enterprise information service website construction program is a good choice for you:

Beijing website construction case

1. Its information publishing function can release content including company news, department profile, company news, company announcements, product recommendations, etc .;

2. Product display function can publish product information such as product specifications, models, functions, etc., and display graphical information such as product appearance and usage demos;

3. Member management function can manage customers by category, let different users browse to different pages, and provide different levels of services;

4. The product ordering function can accept and process product or service orders submitted by customers from the Internet;

In addition to all the products of the basic website, the enterprise information service website construction plan can also choose internal collaborative office systems, customer relationship management systems, business process automation systems and other related products.

Expected effect: The main service target of the enterprise information service website construction plan is enterprise customers. Through this solution, customers can learn about the business scope, novelty, products and prices of the enterprise in time, and can conduct online information exchange with relevant departments of the enterprise through the customer consultation service provided by the website.

   Company information release system

This system includes columns such as company profile, department profile, novel developments, announcements, and product recommendations.

   Product Information Release System

Enterprises can use this system to publish content such as product introductions, prices, pictures, usage demos, and evaluations. In addition, enterprises can customize and develop application systems with product ordering, online payment, online settlement and other functions based on this, so that the system develops from online shop windows into online trading counters.

   Customer Online Consulting System

Through this system, customers can timely feedback their needs, opinions and suggestions to the relevant departments of the enterprise; enterprises can use this system to provide customers with novel pre-sales and after-sales consulting services in a timely manner.

The corporate website image also reflects the corporate image. Therefore, when making overall website design ideas, this plan should focus on the overall style of the website, and from the perspective of the viewer, strive to make the website creative design simple, elegant, modern, and stable. Impress each visitor's mind.

网站建设公司 本着突出不同公司企业的特色进行设计,在设计中注重行业的特色,并设计出符合""特色的设计作品。 Beijing Times Chuangxin Website Construction Co., Ltd. designs according to the characteristics of different companies and enterprises. In the design, it focuses on the characteristics of the industry and designs design works that meet the "" characteristics. Fully establish the corporate image of the client's company website on the Internet.

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