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Time Creation Letter signs Beijing University of Technology to help achieve "online integration" services

点击:2585 发表时间:2019-08-09 Editor-in-chief: Click: 2585 Post time: 2019-08-09

  A few days ago, Time Creation officially signed a contract with Beijing University of Technology to build the English official website of the "Seventh Symposium on Reliability Engineering and Risk Management". I hope to use the English version of the official website to shape the image and effectively help foreign friends to achieve "online integration" services.


1960 年,是一所以工为主,工、理、经、管、文、法、艺术、教育相结合的多科性市属重要公办大学,拥有“ 211 工程”建设高校、全国首批深化创新创业教育改革示范高校、中国政府奖学金来华留学生接收院校等诸多美誉的高等教育名校。 Beijing University of Technology (hereinafter referred to as: Beijing University of Technology) was established in 1960. It is a multi-disciplinary city-owned university with a combination of engineering, science, economics, management, literature, law, art, and education. The " 211 Project" has been established as a university, the first batch of national demonstration universities for deepening innovation and entrepreneurship education reform, and a Chinese government scholarship for foreign students in China. Hard work, exhaustion of truth, innovation, openness and tolerance are the eternal spirit and constant original intention of Beijing University of Technology.

ISRERM'2020 )迄今为止,已成功举办了 6 次,近期将于 2020 年由中国北京北京工业大学召开。 The 7th Reliability Engineering and Risk Management Symposium ( ISRERM'2020 ) has been successfully held 6 times so far, and it will be held by Beijing University of Technology, Beijing, China in 2020 . The theme of this seminar is the life cycle reliability and risk cost optimization maintenance strategy of civil engineering infrastructure. Within the scope of the seminar, the concepts emerging in all types of structures, infrastructures and mechanical systems, as well as novel applications of existing technologies and reliability principles and risk-based decision making, will be emphasized. Algorithm and application papers are very popular in the industry.

20 余人的精英团队,对北工大及 ISRERM 进行了深入调研,充分了解了其悠久校史、会议流程及项目详细需求,经总结、分析、提取创建专属定制“线上一体化”解决方案。 This project is led by a project team led by an elite team of more than 20 people, conducted in-depth research on Beijing University of Technology and ISRERM , fully understood its long school history, conference process and detailed project requirements. After summary, analysis, and extraction, it created an exclusive and customized "online integration" "Solution.


The main direction of the construction of the official website in English this time is to conform to the "experience" of using foreign friends, and how to "culture" from the visual performance of the website. Its layout planning and design concept will follow the browsing habits and rules of foreign users. The construction of the English official website pays more and more attention to the applicability of the website, convenient navigation, concise user interface design, intuitive web content and planning, and rich and valuable information. Through the image to the majority of friends, show their advantages, concepts and achieve positive information and publicity.

HTML5 开发技术,结合以往互联网建设经验,充分满足国外用户“极简化、便捷化”使用习惯,并针对国外友人报名进行网站系统开发,其中包括:在线投稿、论文提交、会议报名、支付、酒店预定、旅游预约等多个板块。 This project uses novel HTML5 development technology, combined with previous Internet construction experience, fully meets the "extremely simplified and convenient" usage habits of foreign users, and develops website systems for foreign friends to register, including: online submission, paper submission, conference registration , Payment, hotel booking, travel booking, etc.

Banner 轮播切换展示,在遵循审美及体验前提下,彰显我国的文化底蕴。 In terms of visual design, the marble color is used as the background color, and the red and blue colors are set as the main color and the auxiliary color. The banner is displayed through carousels of different cultural walls to switch the display. Under the premise of following aesthetics and experience, it highlights the cultural heritage of our country.


As an Internet customization service provider, Time Chuangxin gains insight into the laws of the Internet and mobile Internet through a keen eye, and always takes the needs of users as the core. Many aspects are at the forefront of the industry and a mature solution has been formed. 2020 ISRERM 英文官网的塑造,为助力北工大实现“线上一体化”服务并成功举办研讨会尽上一丝薄力,而感到荣幸之至。 The Beijing Institute of Technology is honored to shape the ISRERM English official website in 2020 , to help Beijing Institute of Technology to achieve "online integration" services and to successfully hold seminars.


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