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Times Chuangxin cooperates with Oriental to create education "communication ecosystem"

点击:2547 发表时间:2019-08-09 Editor-in-chief: Click: 2547 Time: 2019-08-09

A few days ago, Times Creation officially signed an agreement with the Oriental Education Exchange Center (hereinafter referred to as: Oriental), and established the Oriental IGSF official website for the tenth postgraduate scholarship information conference. This project is in line with Dongfang for the implementation of public postgraduate projects. It is convenient for students who are interested in applying for scholarships to study postgraduate degrees to communicate with foreign institutions, so that they can conduct one-on-one interview appointments and in-depth dialogues, helping both parties to improve Understand and choose the college or applicant that is more suitable for you, so as to promote exchanges and cooperation between universities at home and abroad.


Time Chuangxin will be responsible for upgrading the Oriental information system in many aspects in this project, including the Oriental IGSF official website design, web front-end development, website architecture planning, one-to-one interview system development, test launch, security control and other project construction . In order to promote the deeper integration of Internet big data, artificial intelligence and the East, we will establish opportunities for face-to-face exchanges between students and foreign institutions, solve the problems and problems encountered in education on the Internet, and help Oriental Education better implement its education work. Times Creation is striving to create an exclusive education "ecosystem" for the East.
After in-depth communication, the two sides fully understood the needs of the project, and at the same time, both sides expressed a strong intention to cooperate, and then signed related cooperation agreements and established a formal cooperation relationship.
The Oriental Education Exchange Center is affiliated to the Management Committee of the Study Abroad Fund. It was the first batch of professional study service agencies registered in the Administration for Industry and Commerce approved by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Public Security in 2000 (the accreditation mark for studying abroad: BJ2000002). He has been engaged in exchange activities for more than ten years. With his rich industry experience and complete supervision mechanism, he has ensured the implementation of "study abroad" with his roots and successfully realized the dream of going abroad for more than 10,000 students.


On the day when the Oriental official website IGSF project was launched in various aspects, Time Chuangxin established an exclusive project team for it, and invested in project directors, product managers, planners, cutting-edge technical teams and visual design teams, test teams, QC quality teams, etc. More than 20 elite personnel gradually and orderly, efficient and stable operation of various tasks of this project to ensure that the project is delivered on time.
The purpose of this project is to strengthen the function and content of IGSF on the official website of Dongfang through Internet technology and information technology, including:
1. Web site logical planning-In response to the analysis of project needs, Time Chuangxin has conducted in-depth communication with the East, made detailed work flow assignments according to the website logic plan of the Oriental official website IGSF, and strictly followed the promotion of exchanges between universities at home and abroad. And cooperation for the purpose of continuous improvement and optimization.
2. Website design concept-by relying on the original color of the LOGO-the good visual website design and interactive experience design of the blue department, the Oriental IGSF brand image is enhanced, and the profound, intelligent, and tolerant spiritual style is conveyed. Cultural concept.
With the core goal of smooth communication between students and teachers at home and abroad, in order to make the user experience more friendly, we have implemented a simultaneous Chinese and English interface on the website to meet the practical habits of different people as much as possible.

3. Summary of website system and function modules——
① The main menu is simple and easy to use. Through visual image display, News (News Center), ScholarshipInformation (Scholarship Information), Hostedby (Organizer), Organizedby (Supporter), Supportedby (Supporting Unit), and WeChat contact information and other display forms, users can quickly query all relevant information , And professional advantages.

② Oriental official website IGSF is mainly for the development of one-to-one interview system. Students can register online to fill in information, apply for appointment interviews (both domestic and foreign), and perfect one-to-one interview background system for communication between students and teachers. It is smoother and more convenient, making its service coverage more comprehensive, allowing students to enjoy Eastern fast and unified related services no matter where they are.

③ After logging in to IGSF, the administrator can set the city appointment to open or close by himself, and switch the city freely according to actual needs.

④ Provide student screening function, which can perform required screening according to different conditions, and display some of the major registration information of a student, and at the same time can carry out the function of remarks and notes that can be modified at will.

⑤ Students can be invited to participate in one-on-one interviews and choose the interview period. After the invitation step is completed, a reminder box will pop up to remind you that this time period will not invite other students at the same time. After the student is invited, the invitation will appear in the appointment to be confirmed. The appointment confirmation form can be moved by the mouse over the city to switch (no need to click). At the same time, the appointment will appear in the student's "To be confirmed appointment" column. "The appointment I received." There will also be relevant information for rejected or cancelled appointments, which is convenient for tracking records.
⑥Message dialogue system, the dialogue between the two parties will be displayed in the dialog box. After the foreign party submits a message, there will be unread stars in the "Message Information" navigation bar of the student system, which can be used for real-time communication or online message.
⑦Feedback function, you can review, update and modify the relevant feedback submitted by the user, and the administrator can read the specific feedback content in the background.

  ⑧Data display, there is a visual big data display for all the background data, which can make the administrator more clear and clear about the work required.

The above is just the tip of the iceberg of IGSF's official website. I believe that through the continuous efforts of Time Creation, we can make Dongfang more in the Internet and allow users to have a greater sense of user experience. Stable operation.


Time Chuangxin is very honored to be the designer and developer of the official website of the East. With years of rich experience in Internet development combined with advanced cutting-edge technology and design concepts, we have created an educational "communication ecosystem" for the majority of students and created for the East. A smarter, more convenient and effective Internet education exchange platform helps young students to realize their dreams of studying abroad, promote educational exchanges, and is honoured to escort Oriental Education through continuous operation and maintenance and technological upgrades.


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