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AR / VR solution

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AR 增强现实解决方案及 VR 虚拟现实解决方案,为用户提供多方位服务。 AR augmented reality solutions and VR virtual reality solutions formed for the business characteristics of various industries provide users with multi-directional services. Including real estate, home improvement, scientific research, exhibition halls, marketing, industry, education, remote inspection and inspection, tourism and other industries.


营销行业解决方案 AR marketing industry solutions

AR 增强现实技术,支付平台已实现 AR 功能,包括图片识别、手势识别、人体姿态识别都不在话下。 Relying on AR augmented reality technology, the payment platform has implemented AR functions, including picture recognition, gesture recognition, and human gesture recognition. AR ,为品牌获得广泛曝光。 Users can easily use AR in the payment platform as they scan and use, and gain extensive exposure for the brand. AR 增强现实技术应用相对广泛的行业,快消品行业,旅游行业,家居行业等等对于 AR 解决方案的应用需求广泛,衍生出 AR 互动展示解决方案, AR 旅游解决方案, AR 家居解决方案等,针对营销行业的需求, AR 技术可以更便捷的在手机平板上呈现产品的功能展示等等。 As industries where AR augmented reality technology is relatively widely used, FMCG industry, tourism industry, home furnishing industry, etc., have a wide range of application requirements for AR solutions, and they have derived AR interactive display solutions, AR travel solutions, and AR home solutions. According to the needs of the marketing industry, AR technology can more conveniently display product function display on mobile phones and tablets, and so on.

工业行业解决方案 AR industry solutions

工业行业解决方案在工业领域中的仿真应用和可视化多感官交互功能,可使工业制造,工业设计,工业规划在原有数字化的基础上,进一步表现表达优势。 The simulation application and visual multi-sensory interaction function of AR industrial industry solutions in the industrial field can enable industrial manufacturing, industrial design, and industrial planning to further express their advantages on the basis of the original digitalization. Enable designers, users, and decision makers to reduce communication costs and improve work efficiency. 工业解决方案,适用于操作繁琐、操作规范且流程长、对效率有要求、对工作结果的安全性要求高的领域,如能源、制造、军工、航空、物流、汽修装配等。 AR industrial solutions are suitable for areas with tedious operations, long and standardized procedures, high efficiency requirements, and high safety requirements for work results, such as energy, manufacturing, military, aviation, logistics, and auto repair and assembly.

教育行业解决方案 AR education industry solutions

教育行业解决方案可以为教育行业带来不一样的学习方法, AR 教育解决方案可使学生增强团队协作能力,游戏化的学习,在物理地理、数学、化学、地理等学科, AR 技术还能将学习内容三位模型化,让教育场景更贴近学生和培训人员。 AR education industry solutions can bring different learning methods to the education industry. AR education solutions can enable students to enhance teamwork and gamified learning. In physical geography, mathematics, chemistry, geography and other disciplines, AR technology can also Three models of learning content will make the educational scene closer to students and trainers.

AR 技术在实操类技能培训过程中,也有很好的 AR 解决方案,以消防灭火为例, AR 技术可以将危险的火灾场景模拟出来,将如何使用消防栓过程一一展示,并提供一个非常丰富的学习环境,创造一个完全没有风险的操作环境。 In addition, AR technology also has a good AR solution during the practical skills training process . Taking fire fighting as an example, AR technology can simulate dangerous fire scenarios and show how to use the hydrant process one by one. , And provide a very rich learning environment to create a completely risk-free operating environment.

家装行业解决方案 VR Home Improvement Industry Solutions

家装行业解决方案为家装定制行业起到了至关重要的“质变”。 The VR home improvement industry solution has played a crucial "qualitative change" in the home improvement custom industry. VR 眼镜“走”进去观看设计,这是多么 Amazing (震撼)的体验。 Imagine wearing VR glasses and “walking in” to watch the design. What an amazing experience. What you see is what you get makes furniture customization and home improvement design so easy, and at a glance, just choose one, put it on, and the rendering is complete.

地产行业解决方案 VR Real Estate Industry Solutions

技术的进步总会在人们生活的某些角落不经意地折射出来。 Advances in VR technology are always inadvertently reflected in some corners of people's lives. VR 样板间的花费都远远低于打造一个实景样板间。 Regardless of time cost or actual cost, the cost of the VR model room is far lower than creating a real model room. 作为一种模拟展示技术能非常有效的帮助客户做出购买判断。 VR as a simulation display technology can very effectively help customers make purchase judgments. What you see is what you get. The client wants to see which direction and floor. The system switches directly. The real scene outside the balcony is in front of you. Buying a house from now on does not need to rely on imagination.


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