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High Concurrency Solution

点击:2225 发表时间:2019-10-18 Editor-in-chief: Click: 2225 Release time: 2019-10-18

Concurrency: It means that in the operating system, there are several programs at the same time between running and running, and these programs are running on the same processor, but only one program at any point Run on the processor.


高并发解决方案 通常是指并发访问,在某个时间点,有多少访问同时到来。 In the Internet era, the high-concurrency solution usually refers to concurrent access. At a certain point in time, how many accesses come at the same time. Usually a system has a daily PV of more than 10 million, which may be a highly concurrent system.

1. Throughput: The number of requests processed per unit time (usually determined by QPS and concurrency)

2. Response time: The time it takes to send a request to receive a response. For example, the system needs 100ms to process an HTTP request.

3, PV: page view, that is, page views or clicks, the number of pages visited by a visitor within 24 hours; the same person browsing the same page of the website, only recorded as a PV

4. UV: unique visitor, that is, the same visitor visits the website multiple times within a certain time range, only counted as an independent visitor

高并发解决方案 Times Chuangxin High Concurrency Solution :

防盗链处理 Traffic optimization: anti-theft chain processing

减少HTTP请求,合并css或js,添加异步请求,启用浏览器缓存和文件压缩,CDN加速,建立独立图片服务器, Front-end optimization: reduce HTTP requests, merge css or js, add asynchronous requests, enable browser caching and file compression, CDN acceleration, establish independent image server,

:页面静态化,并发处理,队列处理 Server-side optimization : static pages, concurrent processing, queue processing

数据库缓存,分库分表,分区操作,读写分离,负载均衡 Database optimization: database cache, database and table, partition operation, read and write separation, load balancing

服务器优化: 负载均衡,nginx反向代理,7,4层LVS软件 web server optimization: load balancing, nginx reverse proxy, layer 7 and 4 LVS software



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