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          点击:2100 发表时间:2019-10-18 Editor-in-chief: Click: 2100 Published: 2019-10-18

          知识付费 新模式是指知识生产者将对用户有价值的碎片化的传统书籍、理论、资讯、技能等知识内容转化为用户方便使用的标准化、系统化的互联网知识产品,并借助专业的互联网 知识付费平台 或者 自媒体渠道 传播与 网络营销 ,最终通过消费者便利的线上付费方式购买,从而满足人们提升认知水平和未来发展能力的一种新型知识付费商业模式。 The new Internet knowledge payment model refers to knowledge producers transforming traditional and valuable books, theories, information, and skills, which are valuable to users, into standardized, systematic Internet knowledge products that are convenient for users, and using professional Internet A knowledge payment platform or self-media channel dissemination and online marketing , and finally purchase through consumers' convenient online payment methods, thereby satisfying a new type of knowledge payment business model that improves people's cognitive level and future development capabilities.


          live 等新型 知识付费产品 相继上线,各大媒体也纷纷试水付费领域,喜马拉雅 FM 推出“ 123 知识狂欢节”,上线付费音频节目。 In 2016, thanks to the upgrading of the consumption structure, the improvement of the copyright environment, and the maturity of payment methods, it was called the "first year of knowledge payment". Qianchao, Zhihulive and other new knowledge payment products were launched one after another. One after another tried the water payment field. Himalayan FM launched the " 123 Knowledge Carnival" and launched paid audio programs. For a time, the knowledge payment model was pushed to a new outlet for the development of mobile Internet applications. 2017 年年底知识付费用户达到 1.88 亿人,较 2016 年增长了两个百分点,显示了我国知识付费市场高速增长的势态。 According to the AiMedia survey, the number of paid knowledge users reached 188 million at the end of 2017 , an increase of two percentage points from 2016 , showing the rapid growth of the knowledge paid market in China. 年中国互联网知识付费市场持续发展,用户规模增速超过 100% ,用户群体主要是来自一、二线城市的中等收入的 90 80 群体,时代创信用平台化、实用化、头部化、音频化、低价化成为其市场供求的显著特征。 In 2017 , China's Internet knowledge payment market continued to grow, with the user scale increasing by more than 100% . The user groups were mainly middle-income 90 and 80 groups from first- and second-tier cities . The era of credit creation is platformized, practical, head-mounted, audio Low prices and low prices have become a significant feature of market supply and demand.


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