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Artificial intelligence solutions

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Your company is introducing data-driven intelligence to lead a new future, led by internal data researchers. 人工智能 Time Creation will help you deploy and manage artificial intelligence on a large scale   (AI) and machine learning (ML). Data researchers collect massive amounts of data from a variety of sources, including IoT devices, traditional databases, flat files, SQL servers, email, and social media. Affected by the large amount of data required for machine learning, the way applications behave is changing radically, so your system must also adapt to these new data-based workloads.


AI 是一个长期的过程 Building AI is a long process

Data researchers need to go through frequent iterative tests and build the appropriate models. IT organizations need to ensure that data researchers can set up the environment flexibly and easily. Rack server testing, development and model adjustment This is the data-intensive and computation-intensive part of the AI lifecycle. IT organizations need to deploy high-speed computing solutions that can meet the requirements of AI algorithms. GPU-intensive dedicated servers can provide powerful Performance to meet the needs of running machine learning models at large scales: get actionable insights inferred from new data by AI. IT organizations need to provide computing power close to data sources in order to process data quickly and efficiently. Optional GPU A general-purpose server or hyper-converged infrastructure provides the performance you need to help you quickly process new data and gain meaningful insights.

In enterprise applications, extracting more intelligence from the data throughout its life cycle is your goal. AI 技术 ,可以从数据中进行学习,从而更快地做出更好的决策。 With AI technology , you can learn from data and make better decisions faster. 人工智能解决方案 可以满足AI 生命周期所有阶段的要求。 Our artificial intelligence solutions meet the requirements of all stages of the AI lifecycle. 将帮助企业妥善组合分析、深度学习和自动化功能,加快数据中心转型步伐。 Time Chuangxin will help enterprises properly combine analysis, deep learning and automation functions to accelerate the pace of data center transformation. AI We can provide you with the bandwidth and security you need to easily transfer AI at all stages of the machine learning lifecycle, from data collection to model training to manual intervention A lot of data to use.


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