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Online event solutions

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The online activity solution refers to the network-based, most of the activities initiated on the network, which are carried out on the network, to publish event information on the Internet, to recruit event personnel, and to promote it.
We divide the planning of online events into two categories, creative cases and execution cases. The two are not only related but also quite different. The creative case is the basis of the execution case. The creative case only needs to show the basic ideas and ideas of the activity, and the execution case needs to show the details of the activity in detail.
  I. Activity Creative Case
Online activities should have creative highlights, so that the event information is simply and clearly expressed to users, without requiring too much fancy content, but every promotion must show the creativity. Generally, there are 2-3 options for an event creative proposal.
The framework of a creative case is generally divided into two parts, the source of the idea (introduction), and the basic content of the event. Source of creativity: the inspiration of the event, if it can be combined with the current hotspot, it is better. When making a PPT, it can be illustrated with pictures, which is more easily accepted from the senses.
   Activity implementation case
The event execution case is carried out after the event creative case is determined. Before the execution case, the event creativity and basic content must be well communicated. The event execution case has high requirements for the activity planning. There are several important factors:
   ——对互联网要有一定的了解,特别是对论坛、微博这些常用来做活动的平台需要了解其特点、规律等。 Net sense -must have a certain understanding of the Internet, especially the forums, Weibo, and other commonly used platforms for activities need to understand its characteristics and rules.
   ——活动的平台有限、活动的形式来来去去也就那些,所以一个线上活动能否成功,需要一个好的创意。 Creativity -The platform for the event is limited, and the form of the event comes and goes, so the success of an online event requires a good idea.
   ——活动从创意到执行,涉及到各种资源的分配,并且需要考虑大的环境、公司的实际情况、产品的情况,需要用系统性的思维考虑问题,否则策划出来的东西就是一纸空文,无从落地。 Systematic thinking -activities from creativity to execution involve the allocation of various resources, and need to consider the large environment, the actual situation of the company, the situation of the product, and need to use systemic thinking to consider the issue, otherwise the plan is nothing No way to land.
Communication and Expression Ability—From creativity to execution of an activity, it is often necessary to contact and communicate with different departments. To make the activity develop in the direction you want, you must take the initiative to express and communicate. Note that it must be active.
   Market analysis
It can be briefly explained from the four aspects of product market, differentiation, competition, and audience. If there are detailed data to support it, such as the current sales situation, which groups are mainly buying, and the proportion of purchases, it will be even more persuasive.
   Fourth, the effect expectations and goals
The effect of online activities can be expected from the dimensions of number of participants, PV, UV, sales volume, and sales.
The goal needs to be set in stages according to the progress of the activity, so that it can be adjusted appropriately according to the actual effect and the difference of the goal during the execution of the activity.
   V. Marketing
Market promotion is broadly divided into two aspects, internal promotion and external promotion. The promotion in the station is relatively simple, that is, how to use the resources of its own platform to promote, such as the advertising space on the homepage, the text chain and the like.
Promotion outside the station should be done within its capacity. Generally speaking, the promotion methods include news source release, soft article release, creative video, offline activities to coordinate, and the climax of online activities.


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