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          Detailed analysis of interactive answering solutions

          点击:2023 发表时间:2019-10-18 Editor-in-chief: Click: 2023 Published: 2019-10-18

          "Online Interactive Answering" is in the "wind mouth" period. This form is spreading all over the Internet with a thunderbolt, and a "knowledge realization" national carnival is set off. As a new wave of Internet boom, "interactive answering solutions" have gradually been sought after by major companies. Beijing Times Chuangxin combines years of Internet development technology accumulation and experience summary, deeply analyzes the business logic of online interactive answering solutions, grasps its core themes, and prevents cheating, end-source synchronization, and rich scenes that are prone to occur during the development of online interactive answering solutions The problem proposes many solutions.


          Interactive answering solutions-low latency and high concurrency

          N+ 用户同时在线,保障互动答题平台稳定运行,避免卡顿、弹出、掉线。 The interactive answering platform can be adjusted according to the user push area, estimated online user magnitude, historical user access data, coverage area and other indicators. It supports flexible expansion of resources and supports N + users online at the same time. Pause, pop, drop. At the same time, the use of private streaming media transmission protocols and weak network high-definition technology greatly reduces the transmission delay and reduces the interactive answering platform delay to the level of 100 milliseconds.

          Interactive answering solution-highly synchronized anastomosis display

          In this way, the content of the interactive answering platform is displayed in a highly synchronized manner. The client only needs to develop an online interactive answering system, design the interactive answering interactive logic, and flexibly use the time stamp provided by the interactive answering solution to ensure synchronization.

          Interactive answering solutions——quick push questions to prevent cheating

          The interactive answering solution can use authentication and verification technology to prevent users from using time differences to cheat. The multi-link parallel transmission and dynamic acceleration technology of the interactive answering platform can realize the timeliness and success rate of transmitting questions and submitting answers. , Especially in the weak network environment, the improvement of interactive answering experience is particularly obvious.

          Interactive Answering Solution-Prevent Bulk Spam Registration

          One of the important points in the interactive answering solution is to prevent malicious registration. Faced with this difficult problem, it can be protected by functional features such as "reputation database, user-side access control, user-side feature verification, layout traps, and machine identification." The spam registration function can accurately identify and block spam registration behaviors, avoiding batch registration behaviors that cause the server load to soar and affect the stability of the interactive answering platform or even shut down.

          Interactive Answering Solutions——Interactive Answering Cases

          As an Internet customization service provider, Time Creation has created a small answer program for Xinhua News Agency called "First Learning". This project is constructed through a variety of technical means such as precise retrieval, data mining analysis, and intelligent visualization. The new management system allows users to more accurately and conveniently query relevant important discussions and related activities, realize the mobile terminal of the core ideas to carry personally, and promote the accurate grasp of the relevant ideological and theoretical system, multi-faceted learning, system application and effective dissemination.



          10 天参加“每日一题”答题活动,全部回答正确即可获得相应奖励。 In the "first study" answering mini program, it includes "reward mechanism" and "ranking quiz" functions, such as: displaying a check-in and sign-in in the form of a calendar, sign-in records and get corresponding rewards, participate in " for 10 consecutive days" One question per day "activity, you can get a reward if you answer all the questions correctly.


          AI 人工智能电脑)进行对抗赛,而好友对战则可自行选择好友进行答题比赛,排位等级也有小学徒→见习生→学习助理→ .. 等详细划分,以娱乐、激励的方式来促进学习目标。 The ranking quiz is a system where multiple players are randomly matched to players who are online at the same time (if no player is online, it matches the AI artificial intelligence computer) to compete against each other, while the friend match can choose a friend to answer the contest by itself. Students → learning assistants → .. and so on, to promote learning goals through entertainment and motivation.


          If you happen to have related requirements for interactive answering solutions, you can also contact us. In interactive answering solutions, we cover a very wide range of cases and experience, and we will choose the detailed project quotation that is suitable for you. And interactive answering solutions.


          • Good future

            Good future

            Educational website construction, corporate website production, website page design, mobile website development. The main color of the website is chosen to be close to the logo color, which makes the website look more educational, and it feels clean and concise in the overall design style of the page. We incorporate creative elements into brand displays. Explains the status of the company as "outstanding" in the industry. The design of functional page labels and page code is very standard. With the corporate brand attribute as the core, the website content is based on the product market value, showing rich content on the website, which has a strong appeal to users.

          • Century Qualcomm

            Century Qualcomm

            Website construction, corporate website production, mobile website construction, website page design. Time Creation uses flat means to design at the screen designer, and implements multi-end user responsive layout, repeatedly confirms product details with customers, and through repeated communication and deliberation, makes the screen more scientific and intelligent .

          • Sun Yihe

            Sun Yihe

            Responsive website construction, website page design, website custom development, mobile website design. The Sunshine Yihe website uses the logo color system. The warm ginger gives a warmth to the home. The homepage highlights our good service, perfect technical system, and well-equipped care zone. It is presented to customers as a professional, A dedicated aged care service website.

          • Miyida


            Corporate website construction, mobile website production, website page design, marketing website construction. Sumitian Education is a children's education group. Time Creation uses a relaxed and lively style in website design. The columns are simple and clear, and the layout is clear. It can well display the information that the group wants to convey, and users can quickly obtain themselves. Wanted information with a good user experience.

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