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The Internet of Things is the "Internet of Everything", which is an extended and expanded network form based on the current Internet. It can largely meet business needs such as consumer upgrade needs, expand customer business scope, tap user potential value, and build brand image. A huge network formed by combining a wide range of network information sensing equipment with the Internet to realize the interconnection of people, machines and things at any time and any place.


From the perspective of communication objects and processes, the information interaction between things and things, people and things is the core of the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things can be summarized as overall perception, reliable transmission and intelligent processing.

Internet of Things solution-overall perception: You can use radio frequency identification, two-dimensional code, smart sensors and other sensing devices to perceive various types of information about objects.

Internet of Things solution-reliable transmission: Through the integration of the Internet and wireless networks, the information of objects is transmitted in real time and accurately for information exchange and sharing.

Internet of Things solution-intelligent processing: use various intelligent technologies to analyze and process the data and information transmitted to realize the intelligence of monitoring and control. According to the above characteristics of the Internet of Things, combined with the perspective of information science, the flow of information is centered around.

Internet of Things Solution-Solution Architecture

I. Mobile terminal application system: support multiple forms such as APP / service number, and better user experience;

Second, the PC terminal operation and maintenance management system: a complete data system, real-time full-track tracking;

Third, remote communication control services: third-party integration services, API access services;

Fourth, the terminal control system: a wide range of stable signal coverage, built-in multiple protocols, a wide range of uses;

IoT solutions-manufacturing industry IoT applications

The manufacturing industry IoT solution is suitable for a variety of manufacturing environments and is a proven and mature network architecture. Combine manufacturing industrial automation networks and business systems to ensure flexible, real-time communications. Improve visibility and resilience, and reduce costly unplanned downtime. Significantly reduce the time required to determine the cause of downtime and resume normal production. Quickly adapt to changes, including new product introductions, planned production line switching, adjustments due to component supply, and changes in demand for different products. Perceive changes in real time, with mobile devices, video monitors, and HMIs that use converged networks to communicate, and master all changes from the entire enterprise to the individual workshops. Feed real-time information to the entire supply chain, ensuring rapid response to every step in the entire manufacturing value chain, from supply to distribution. The built-in end-to-end security of the network provides multiple layers of security to help you build a secure factory.

Internet of Things Solution-Smart Campus Internet of Things Application

Smart campus IoT solution is based on IoT technology, which can analyze the movement, health and behavior data collected by the bracelet through the IoT platform, and provide the school with a total smart campus IoT solution for terminals, access, platforms and applications, in many aspects Support the development of students' health, classroom-assisted teaching and other services, and effectively monitor and warn on campus safety issues, thereby improving the efficiency of school teaching and management.

IoT solutions-smart medical IoT applications

In order to solve the centralized monitoring, quantitative management and standardized services of infusion, reduce the work intensity of medical staff, and solve the anxiety and anxiety of patients during the infusion process, we have created an infusion management system for the hospital. The data management platform can intelligently monitor and manage the infusion process. The intelligent medical IoT solution is suitable for any infusion scenario, and its main functions are infusion monitoring, functional alarm, and management of intelligent devices. Infusion management can also use the clinical mobile terminal PDA to further implement mobile monitoring of infusion. It is a revolution in infusion management and clinical nursing mode, which has improved the information management level of modern hospitals.


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