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Grab a red envelope solution

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互联网产品价值 的传递。 Numerous activities of the company moved online and spread in the form of red envelopes on the social network in a snowball manner, which successfully brought a large wave of users to the company and completed the transfer of Internet product value . 其中,充满未知与惊喜的 抢红包功能 ,成为了移动互联网浪潮中的一大利器。 Among them, the function of grabbing red envelopes full of unknowns and surprises has become a big weapon in the mobile Internet wave. 小程序抢红包 功能开发仍然在延续,只是玩法得到适应产品的改进与创新。 Today, the development of the red envelope function of small programs in major mainstream products is still continuing, but the gameplay has been adapted to product improvements and innovations. So, what are the types of red envelopes that we operate in daily contact?


抢红包 彻底改变了我们的红包文化。 With the development of mobile payments, various WeChat grabbing red envelopes have completely changed our red envelope culture. The red envelope of the Internet era not only carries the role of expressing affection, it is more applied in the business environment.

Recently, Beijing Times Chuangxin helped Yili's "lipid control activity" officially start . 微信流量池 作为投放中心,为伊利“脱脂酸牛奶”量身打造了一款“智慧零售 小程序 ”——伊利 21 天控脂计划。 We use WeChat traffic pool as the launch center, and created a "smart retail applet " for Yili's "skimmed yogurt"-Yili's 21- day fat control program. 小程序开发 以倡导“全民健康减肥、参与控脂餐计划”为核心内容。 This small program was developed with the core content of advocating "National Healthy Weight Loss and Participation in Fat Control Meal Plan".



小程 序开发 中我们分为 6 个功能模块,分别是首页签到、 Keep 课堂、控脂餐计划、运动视频课堂、 小程序抢红包 分享和应用。 In applet development , we are divided into 6 functional modules, which are homepage sign-in, Keep classroom, fat control meal plan, exercise video classroom, applet sharing and application of applet grabbing . 小程序设计 中我们采用“签到 21 天”方式,这在用户行为心理学中,称之为“ 21 天效应”因为人们把 一个人的新习惯或理 念的形成并得以巩固至少需要 21 天的时间,也就是说,一个人的动作、或想法,如果重复 21 天就会变成一个习惯性的动作或想 法。 In the small program design of the homepage , we use the "sign in 21 days" method. This is called the " 21 day effect" in user behavior psychology because people need to form and consolidate a new habit or idea of a person. 21 days, that is, a person's actions or thoughts, if repeated 21 days, will become a habitual action or thought . 小程序抢红包 功能的开发极大的提高了用户的粘性,为小程序开发的传播起到“推波助澜”作用。 And the development of the function of grabbing red envelopes by applets has greatly improved the stickiness of users, and played a role of "helping the flames" for the spread of applet development. 小程序 多功能板块引流方式为后期的用户转化做了良好的铺垫和基础。 This small program multifunctional plate drainage method provides a good foundation and foundation for later user conversion.


小程序 开发的“控脂餐计划”模块中,邀请了 APP store 年度精选的 Keep (自由运动场)制作一套健康合理的配餐表,每顿”控脂餐”在辅以“伊利脱脂纯牛奶”,从人体每日所需摄入能量为每位用户提供合理的健康膳食计划。 And in the "Fat Control Meal Plan" module developed by the mini program , we invited the APP Store's annual select Keep (free sports field) to make a set of healthy and reasonable meals. Each "fat control meal" was supplemented with "Erie "Skimmed Pure Milk" provides a reasonable healthy meal plan for each user from the daily energy intake of the human body. Keep (自由运动场)还为用户量身打造一套配以“控脂餐食谱”推出的“运动视频课堂”。 In addition, Keep (Free Playground) also tailored a set of "Sport Video Classes" for users with "Fat Control Meal Recipes".



小程序技术开发 中,为了实现技术层面上的“ 小程序抢红包 ”功能。 In this small program technology development , in order to achieve the " small program grab red envelope " function at the technical level . 小程序抢红包 领域尚未完全成熟的情况下,最终在这款伊利“智慧零售小程序”中开发出了 小程序抢红包 功能! Our technical department worked hard day and night through the entire team. In the case that the field of small programs grabbing red envelopes has not yet matured, we finally developed a small program to grab red packets in this Yili "smart retail applet" ! 小程序抢红包 活动。 Realized the participation in the "small amount of 100,000 yuan for ten thousand people" while playing applets while grabbing red envelopes . Slogan Greatly mobilized the active participation of users, and at the same time created the event Slogan for this small program . Adding different colors to this "closed-loop feast".

微信抢红包 延伸出来的,培养了用户可以领取减免现金的优惠券的认知和心理预期,主动获取到的优惠比被动接受的更让用户有使用的欲望,至此成功转化新用户。 Through the above-mentioned era of letter-creation cases, we know that "grabbing red envelopes" has cultivated the click-receiving behavior and thinking inertia that we will conditionally reflect when we see red envelopes. The design and copywriting of red envelopes are extended from WeChat stealing red envelopes . Cognitive and psychological expectations of receiving cash-free coupons. Actively acquired offers give users more desire to use than passive acceptance. So far, they have successfully converted new users.

Several important functions of grabbing red envelopes:

First, pull new

引导用户去体验产品。 Based on the weakness of human nature, we always have difficulty rejecting free things or cheap things that can be greedy, and we only need to invest a certain amount of customer acquisition costs. At this time, the red envelope becomes a bait to guide users to experience the product.

Second, promote

From an operational point of view, users are a routine. We use constant subsidies to cultivate user habits, help users quickly grow into mature users of the platform and remain on the platform. Once the habits are developed, users may leave. Sex will be reduced, for example: I would go out for lunch on a rainy day. After taking out, I can enjoy food at home without worrying about the wind and rain. Even if the discount amount is less, the delivery fee is expensive, and we will not change it. Drop this habit.

Social relations

达。 Receiving a red envelope is an individual behavior, but the thirst for socializing is people's instinct. Of course, it is more interesting for a person to receive a red envelope than a group of people. The red envelope itself is a way of expressing emotions between people and sharing the red envelope. The birth of Facebook helped users to form a social currency, and forwarding to friends not only created a good image of being helpful, but also helped complete self-awareness and self-expression . 抢红包开发 的概率性事件引发攀比和贪婪心理,使得参与领取红包的人越来越多,一个简单的行为却完成了一次社交互动和价值传递,实现了双赢的目的。 At the same time, the probabilistic event of grabbing red envelopes triggered comparison and greed, making more and more people involved in receiving red envelopes, but a simple act completed a social interaction and value transfer, achieving a win-win goal.


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