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(B2B B2C C2C B2M ) 它们的核心都是销售产品,所以电商 解决方案就会有相同之处,但不同之处就在于每个电商项目的需求核心是什么。 E-commerce websites have changed people's mainstream lifestyle. Different e-commerce websites have different functionalities, but no matter what mode (B2B , B2C , C2C , B2M, etc. ), their core is selling products, so E-commerce solutions will have similarities, but the difference lies in what is the core of the needs of each e-commerce project.


解决方案 E-commerce Website Design Solution

1/5 以上的时间用在手机上,移动端购物已经是响应年轻人快节奏的主要渠道了,所以在电商网站设计移动端时,一定要注意用户体验,这点千万不要马虎。 According to the survey, young people spend an average of more than one fifth of their time on mobile phones every day . Mobile shopping is already the main channel to respond to the fast pace of young people, so when designing mobile terminals for e-commerce websites, we must pay attention to user experience. Do not be sloppy at this point. There are three ways to implement mobile e-commerce:

1. Make a mobile website. This method has gradually been downplayed, so I won't say much.

开发 APP ,现在开发 APP 费用不是很高了,但是这也要取决于您的电商 APP 功能需求。 2. Develop APP . Now the cost of developing APP is not very high, but it also depends on your e-commerce APP function requirements.

响应式设计,这种是当下主流的电商网站设计方式,不论是 PC 端还是移动端用户访问,都可以拥有很好的用户体验,对于优化或数据库同步等技术方面问题也很方便。 3. Responsive design, this is the current mainstream e-commerce website design method, whether it is PC or mobile user access, you can have a good user experience, for technical issues such as optimization or database synchronization is also very convenient.

很关键 Shopping is not the key

If your e-commerce website is focused on the sale of one product, then fortunately, the user selection must be targeted. But if you are a large shopping mall website then you have to work hard to categorize the products. In addition to having clear classification navigation, you must also have a strong fuzzy search. The website design in the e-commerce solution can use user-friendly pictures to guide users, let users reduce the time of thinking and judgment, and ultimately save user time to improve user experience.


The above is the Niutun Energy e-commerce solution produced by Chuangxin in the era of website design. The powerful search and navigation functions allow users to get lost when they buy products and find exactly what they want.

More product images

提高转化率,就一定要从用户角度考虑问题,不管是商家还是访客用户,都是你的用户。 If you want to increase the conversion rate from the design aspect in the e-commerce solution , you must consider the problem from the user's point of view, whether it is the merchant or the guest user, it is your user. Everyone has seen many e-commerce websites. The picture elements will occupy a large part of the space layout of the website. Therefore, it is necessary to be convenient and fast in uploading pictures (not to mention many aspects). PC 端还是移动端电商网站,图片大小上一定要有控制,否费从访客或电商网站本身都是一种资源浪费。 In addition, whether it is a PC or mobile e-commerce website, there must be control over the size of the picture, whether it is a waste of resources from the visitor or the e-commerce website itself.


The picture above is an example of a healthy formula e-commerce solution made by Chuangxin in the era of website design. The choice of pictures and matching design have done a good job. The simple website design is low-key and elegant.

Make the most of big data

In the operation of e-commerce website design, the use of big data is very important. Big data will include a lot of user data, such as registration information, contact information, shipping address, birthday information, shopping habits, etc., product data like sales volume, transaction price, etc. , Inventory, profit margin, etc. 11 活动 京东的 618 互动 一样。 With the use of these big data, you can combine promotional programs to do effective and targeted activities, just like Taobao ’s Double 11 event and JD.com ’s 618 interaction .


This is the Tuduoduo e-commerce solution produced by the website creation era. The front-end and back-end big data display provides users with intuitive purchasing directions and improves purchasing accuracy.

Reputation security is fundamental

No matter what e-commerce website design you do, you must keep in mind that credibility and security are fundamental, to ensure the quality of the internal products of the e-commerce website is one, the security of the transaction function is the second, and to meet these two conditions is the e-commerce The root of the site.

Beijing Times Chuangxin believes that e-commerce solutions can not only be limited to visual effects, but must also be integrated internally and externally, while being matched with user functions. Play to attract users, impress users, and stimulate purchases. “与时俱进”。 These must be from the perspective of the user, and continue to optimize and upgrade the big data analysis such as the inquiry rate, access time and quantity, and purchase conversion rate in the future, so that the enterprise e-commerce website " advances with the times."


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