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Smart Park Solution

点击:2342 发表时间:2019-10-18 Editor-in-chief: Click on the site : 2342 Release time: 2019-10-18

“服务体验不完善、园区整体安防弱、管理成本高且运营效率低、业务难以创新”等多重痛点,为用户提供创新性的用户体验与更美好的服务感知,助力企业通过数字化转型实现创新发展正是“智慧园区解决方案”诞生的意义。 Traditional parks have long faced multiple pain points such as “imperfect service experience, weak overall security in the park, high management costs, low operating efficiency, and difficult business innovation”. They provide users with innovative user experiences and better service perceptions, helping companies through digital The transformation and realization of innovation and development are exactly the significance of the birth of the "Smart Park Solution".


Beijing Times Chuangxin believes that the core key point and difference of the smart park solution lies in the construction and coordination of digital platforms. Based on the platform, the business subsystems of the park are opened up horizontally. Through data fusion to business convergence, it helps the park to more effectively and agilely solve business problems that are difficult or impossible to solve by traditional methods.

应满足园区日常使用生活需求,例如:餐饮、交通、购物、休闲、服务等多方场景。 The smart park solution should meet the daily use and living needs of the park, such as catering, transportation, shopping, leisure, and service. “硬道理”,园区应用系统对接、一次/多方认证、良好的网络环境、支付平台接口、会员整合管理、积分兑换、大数据分析、多终端跨平台等功能是必不可少的。 For park merchants, improving customer satisfaction and sales performance is the "hard truth". Park application system docking, one-time / multi-party authentication, good network environment, payment platform interface, member integration management, point exchange, big data analysis, Features such as multi-terminal cross-platform are essential.

Technology innovation perception

   Data fusion

“汇聚、整合、分配”,形成统一的大数据底座。 Reasonably "gather, integrate, and distribute" the multi-source heterogeneous category data in the park to form a unified big data base. Provide more targeted data planning and model building services for the industry scenario where the park is located, to achieve data value mining and shared applications.

   2. Business collaboration

Open up the internal application of the park, and realize the connection and coordination of the smart park's cross-service and cross-region systems. Realize service-oriented and service orchestration through technical means to achieve the application.

   3. Agile innovation

The smart park solution must have an effective application development environment. By building a development service platform, the smart park business development can be agile. Introduce innovative common applications, integrate and optimize applications, and form an innovative smart park ecological chain.

解决方案 案例 Smart park solution case

In order to let the majority of art enthusiasts understand the Guantang Art Wisdom Park through the Internet channels and allow users to have a better interaction experience, we have better integrated the online and offline products and activities of the Guantang Art Wisdom Park solution.


In this era of attention and good content gradually becoming a rare product, the master lecture knowledge payment system is implanted in the official website of Guantang Museum to allow users to more effectively filter information to acquire knowledge, which is also the original intention of Guantang Museum. The emergence of the art mall allows users to explore the different worlds of artists more intuitively and deeply, so that many collectors can follow and rest assured to collect and trade.

In order to allow users to obtain exhibition event information in a more timely and accurate manner, the online ticket purchase system is applied to the Guantang Art Museum website. Through online preview, selection, and purchase, QR code ticketing can be obtained, and the QR code is generated by the system as The admission certificate allows users to enjoy the convenience brought by Internet technology.


园区解决方案功能开发的冰山一角,为了 “汇聚精英、推动文明”,结合观唐艺术智慧园区内完整的综合配套,我们专门为观唐艺术智慧园区定制了会员社交平台服务,观唐艺术智慧园区会员可根据不同级别去享受不同会员权益,复杂的前端逻辑被时代创信开发的后台变的更清晰、更便于管理。 The above is just the tip of the iceberg developed by Beijing Times Chuangxin for the function of Guantang Art Smart Park. In order to "gather elites and promote civilization", combined with the comprehensive comprehensive supporting facilities in Guantang Art Smart Park, we have customized it for Guantang Art Smart Park With the membership social platform service, members of the Guantang Art and Smart Park can enjoy different membership rights according to different levels. The complex front-end logic has been made clearer and easier to manage by the backstage developed by Time Creation.


园区的 APP(iOS系统+Android系统)、微信小程序等移动应用开发进行了全案智慧园区解决方案及售后服务。 In addition, Beijing Times Chuangxin also carried out a full case smart park solution and after-sales service for the development of mobile applications such as APP (iOS system + Android system) and WeChat applet in Guantang Art Smart Park . Helps to spread the brand concept of the Tang Art Museum from various aspects, so that more people can understand the art culture of the country.

Beijing Times Chuangxin focuses on enterprise value needs and industry value scenarios, and is committed to creating customized, targeted, and competitive smart park solutions, thereby helping enterprises achieve business integration and help enterprises agile innovation.


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