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Mr. Wang Zhaoyu, Vice President and Partner of Time Chuangxin, was invited to attend "2019 CITIC Wealth Forum"

点击:2210 发表时间:2019-11-05 Editor-in-chief: Click: 2210 Published: 2019-11-05

The 2019 CITIC Wealth Forum staged discussions on future economic investment strategies by entrepreneurs from different "eras, backgrounds, and fields." At the CITIC Wealth Forum, Mr. Wang Zhaoyu, vice president and partner of Beijing Times Chuangxin, was invited to attend the forum conference. 2019 年中信财富论坛主办方为中信银行。 The organizer of the 2019 CITIC Wealth Forum is CITIC Bank. Among them, CITIC Bank Private Bank is one of the pioneers in China's private banking industry. The "CITIC Wealth Management" brand and CITIC Wealth Index launched by CITIC Bank's integration of group resources have won excellent market reputation and widespread customer attention. At this CITIC Wealth Forum, more than 100 Chinese news media including Sina.com, Sina Finance, People.com, and China Economic Network were invited to perform live broadcasts and interviews. 300 人齐聚一堂。 At the scene, nearly 300 people including elite leaders and guest clients from the corporate world and wealth management industry gathered together.


500 位。 In the CITIC Wealth Forum, Guo Danghuai, vice president of CITIC Bank, said that over 500 new customers were signed by CITIC Bank Private Bank . 120 亿元。 The business scale exceeds 12 billion yuan. In addition to the invitation of Mr. Wang Zhaoyu, the vice president and partner of Beijing Times Chuangxin, and Mr. Chen Bairu, the president of Xingya Airlines, and Mr. Wang Haicheng, the chairman of the Canada-China Chamber of Commerce Alliance, were invited at the "Snex Power" Entrepreneurs Roundtable Forum. Three entrepreneurs from different eras participated in the "Snex Power" Entrepreneurs Roundtable Forum.


CITIC Bank and Hurun Report have jointly launched the three major service requirements of wealth management, life planning, and quality of life for domestic “newcomer” entrepreneurs in this forum. 2018 中国企业家家族传承白皮书》。 In the China Finance Forum, CITIC Bank Private Bank and Hurun Report jointly released the " 2018 Chinese Entrepreneur Family Inheritance White Paper". The Hurun China Rich List is a list of rich people released by the Hurun Research Institute. 2600 亿元成为全球华人首富,马化腾和许家印紧随其后。 Ma Yun became the world's richest man with 260 billion yuan, followed by Ma Huateng and Xu Jiayin. After the launch ceremony, Mr. Hu Run, Chairman and Chief Investigator of Hurun Report, analyzed the three major service needs of the “new force” entrepreneurs: wealth management, life planning, and quality of life.


The CITIC Wealth Forum takes "new force" as the immediate service needs of entrepreneurs, talks about the experience of "new force" entrepreneurs' families, careers, wealth and social responsibilities, and discusses the support of commercial banks to serve "new force" entrepreneurs Strategy and effective models. Mr. Wang Zhaoyu, Vice President and Partner of Beijing Times Chuangxin, said at the roundtable forum that different times change with development. Today, we in different times are walking together. In the future "new force", we must not only strive to provide "there are "Taste, high quality, strong brand" service, innovation and integrity are the essential cornerstones of the enterprise in the new era.


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