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Times Creation officially signs Caltex-China's official website cooperation project

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logo —GS加德士,以下简称“加德士”。 Caltex China logo —GS Caltex, hereinafter referred to as "Caltex". 1936 年组成的合营公司,其后两大油企于 2001 年合并为雪佛龙德士古,并以雪佛龙 - 德士古作为公司的名称。 Caltex is a joint venture company composed of two major oil companies, Chevron and Texaco, in 1936. The two major oil companies were merged into Chevron Texaco in 2001 , and the company Skull as the company name. Caltex became wholly owned.


1 月在 天津保税区 投资 3000 万美元独资兴建了润滑油调配厂,于 1999 年初正式投产使用。 In January 1997, it invested 30 million US dollars to build a lubricants compounding plant in Tianjin Free Trade Zone . 2000 年获得 ISO9002 质量体系认证, 2002 年获得 ISO14001 环境体系认证 ,确保为客户提供最优质的产品。 Obtained ISO9002 quality system certification in 2000 , and ISO14001 environmental system certification in 2002 , ensuring the best quality products for customers. 4500 万美元收购旗下加德士华南 50.5% 股权, 2007 年日均产油量为 262 万桶被中国选定为天然气首选供应商,透过参股的形式持有澳大利亚西北大陆架天然气田六分之一的股权,被中国选定为天然气首选供应商。 In 2005, CITIC Resources acquired a 50.5% stake in Caltex South China for $ 45 million . In 2007 , it was selected by China as the preferred supplier of natural gas with an average daily oil production of 2.62 million barrels. It held natural gas in the northwestern continental shelf of Australia through equity participation Tian's one-sixth equity was selected by China as the preferred supplier of natural gas.


GS 加德士正式签约官网合作项目。 Time Creation and GS Caltex officially signed a cooperation project on the official website. In the direction of design, the “sense of science and technology” design is the core of corporate brand value. Adopt concise website page layout, highlight corporate products and services, and make corporate brands and products more competitive in the market.

In this cooperation project, we upgraded the website background management system. GS 加德士打造出专属的“互联网生态系统”。 In the early stage of the launch, one-to-one system testing and security controls were conducted to create an exclusive "Internet ecosystem" for GS Caltex.

GS 加德士网站的设计者与研发者,凭借多年互联网开发丰富经验结合先进前沿技术与设计理念,为 GS 加德士打造更智能、便捷、实效的互联网平台,在后期通过持续的运营维护与技术升级,为 GS 加德士提供专属的互联网定制服务。 Time Creation is honored to be the designer and developer of GS Caltex website. With years of rich experience in Internet development combined with advanced cutting-edge technologies and design concepts, GS Caltex has created a smarter, more convenient and effective Internet platform for GS Caltex. Continuous operation maintenance and technical upgrades provide exclusive Internet customization services for GS Caltex.


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