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Future Innovation and Development in the Internet Era-"Internet Anti-Counterfeiting" Becomes a New Favor

点击:1615 发表时间:2019-12-10 Editor-in-chief: Click: 1615 Release time: 2019-12-10

As the Internet age continues to integrate with our lives, counterfeiting is a topic that is often discussed in our lives. 网站开发 时代,我们应该如何打假? In the era of mobile Internet website development , how should we crack down? The answer is of course "use high technology". 网站开发 法院”,从政府与企业在打假上的技术合作到中国打假技术平台的跨境“破案”,中国的打假手段不仅越来越智能,成效也越来越明显。 From the "Intellectual Property Protection Technology Brain" to the "Internet Website Development Court", from the technical cooperation between the government and enterprises in counterfeiting, to the cross-border "solving" of China's anti-counterfeiting technology platform, China's anti-counterfeiting methods are becoming more intelligent and effective. Increasingly obvious. Thanks to technical support and the joint efforts of Chinese people, China's intellectual property cause has achieved a historic leap, and China has become a veritable intellectual property power.


362 支队伍 995 个项目角逐数月的人工智能大赛结果同时揭晓。 Recently, the first China Artificial Intelligence Summit, jointly sponsored by the Central Cyberspace Office, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the Ministry of Public Security, and Xiamen City Government, opened. The results of the artificial intelligence contest that 362 teams across the country competed for 995 months were announced at the same time. At the conference, the "Intellectual Property Protection Technology Brain" of the Chinese company Alibaba Group won the honorary title of "Artificial Intelligence Innovation Star". 20 年间积累的线上线下打假特征库、打假经验聚合而成的算法技术系统,可以用不到毫秒的时间发现上万颗圆球中混进的一颗有细微黑点的圆球。 The “Intellectual Property Protection Technology Brain” is an algorithm technology system that Alibaba Group has accumulated online and offline counterfeiting feature libraries and counterfeiting experience accumulated in the past 20 years. It can find tens of thousands of balls mixed in less than milliseconds. A round ball with subtle black dots.

AI 网站开发 打假使用了更多的机器学习、大数据分析等技术,对真假甄别意义重大。 AI 打假是数据技术、人工智能的专业应用场景,阿里在这方面颇有建树。”中国科学院院士、大数据算法与分析技术国家工程实验室主任徐宗本对本报记者说。 "The use of more machine learning, big data analysis and other technologies in the development of anti-counterfeiting AI websites is of great significance for authenticity detection. AI anti-counterfeiting is a professional application scenario of data technology and artificial intelligence. Ali has made great achievements in this regard." Chinese Academy of Sciences Academician Xu Zongben, director of the National Engineering Laboratory for Big Data Algorithms and Analysis Technology, told this reporter.

AI 打假技术,正在全社会推广应用。 At present, this self-developed AI anti-counterfeiting technology is being promoted and applied in the whole society. 3 年,“知产保护科技大脑”协助全国 31 个省份、 227 个区县的警方抓获制售假嫌疑人 4439 人,捣毁制售假窝点 4289 个。 Over the past three years, the "Intellectual Property Protection Technology Brain" has assisted police in 227 districts and counties in 31 provinces across the country to seize 4,439 suspects in manufacturing and selling fake goods and smashed 4,289 manufacturing and selling fake dens . 4000 余万元的英国戴森全球打假第一案、涉案 3 亿元的全国最大假手办案、涉案 18 亿元的全球最大跨国假 LV 案等制假贩假案件。 Take Shanghai as an example only. This year, the Shanghai police used this technology to successfully crack the first Dyson global counterfeit case involving more than 40 million yuan, the nation ’s largest fake hand case involving 300 million yuan, and the world ’s largest transnational fake LV case involving 1.8 billion yuan . Waiting for fake cases of trafficking.

2018 年长三角、泛珠三角 13 省市联合开展跨区域电商打假“云剑联盟”行动,一些电商平台在其中发挥重要作用。 "From the perspective of past practice effects, the mechanism of anti-counterfeit cooperation between government and enterprises has achieved very good results." The relevant person in charge of the State Administration of Market Supervision said that in 2018 , 13 provinces and cities in the Yangtze River Delta and Pan-Pearl River Delta jointly launched cross-regional e-commerce counterfeiting. "Sword Alliance" action, some e-commerce platforms play an important role in it. 网站开发 时代,在对制售假行为的打击过程中,执法机关需要品牌权利人出具鉴定报告,品牌权利人需要执法机关的执法资源协助,双方又都需要互联网平台的技术支持,单打独斗无法高效打假。 In the era of Internet website development , law enforcement agencies need brand rights holders to issue appraisal reports during the crackdown on manufacturing and selling fake behaviors. Brand rights holders need the assistance of law enforcement agencies' law enforcement resources, and both parties need the technical support of the Internet platform. Unable to counterfeit efficiently.

网站开发 打假新技术在打假中发挥着重要作用。 It is worth noting that the development of new technologies for cracking down on Internet websites plays an important role in counterfeiting. Anti-counterfeiting technologies such as fake product identification models, semantic recognition algorithms, and real-time interception systems applied in a series of anti-counterfeiting cases show that China's e-commerce platforms can help law enforcement agencies improve the efficiency of law enforcement through technology.

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