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The speed of the website determines how long the user stays

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网站建设 行业也有着相同的快速响应理念。 In this era of rapid development, the website construction industry also has the same concept of rapid response. If the access speed is too slow, visitors will not be willing to stay. 网站建设 设计必须要满足客户以及用户的需求,那么网站访问速度就是很重要的一点了。 The website construction design that is done now must meet the needs of customers and users, so the speed of website access is very important. Today Beijing Times Chuangxin website design will tell you how to use website design to make the website visit faster.



First, the compressed image

网站建设 时,您可能没有意识到图片占用了多少空间。 When building a website , you may not realize how much space your pictures take up. 网站建设 之前压缩图像,可以将GIF或.JPEG图像缩小最多一半。 You can reduce GIF or .JPEG images by up to half by compressing the images before adding them to the website building . You may also want to specify the height and weight of the image in HTML, both of which can reduce website loading time.


Limiting the use of Flash

网站建设 时必须谨慎使用Flash。 Flash is a typical style rather than a substantive example. Although it definitely has a place in professional web design, Flash must be used with caution when creating website construction . Even if your visitors have the right Flash player (many won't), it will increase the download time of your website. Flash is also one of the website design elements that search engines cannot yet access, which means it will only hinder your search engine optimization efforts.


Simplify the code

Although HTML text is much faster than graphic text, there are ways to make it faster. Pay attention to irrelevant HTML encodings, such as spaces, unnecessary tags, or even white space. You can increase the file size and use the tag's default values or remove them whenever possible.


Fourth, reduce server requests

Any element in the design that is loaded from any server, whether it is a graphic, audio clip or ad, will trigger an HTTP request every time the page is loaded. Create a website with limited external content to reduce loading time.


网站建设 公司时代创信有丰富的设计知识分享,您可以多多学习让自己对网站设计有更深刻的认知,也能让您在做网站设计时少走弯路,早日成为 网站建设 的大师。 Beijing Website Construction Co., Ltd. Times Creation has a wealth of design knowledge sharing. You can learn a lot to make yourself have a deeper understanding of website design. It also allows you to take less detours in website design and become a master of website construction at an early date . You can also follow us, we will choose the best quotation and plan for you.



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