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How to design a good corporate logo in each website?

点击:1823 发表时间:2019-12-10 Editor-in-chief: Click: 1823 Published: 2019-12-10

网站建设 中设计里一个重要环节,它承载着企业的无形资产,是企业综合信息传递的媒介。 The website LOGO is an important link in the design of the website construction . It carries the intangible assets of the enterprise and is the medium for the comprehensive information transmission of the enterprise. In the process of corporate image transmission, it is the most widely used, most frequently occurring, and also the most critical element. 网站建设 LOGO中,通过不断的刺激和反复刻画,深深的留在受众心中。 The company's strong overall strength, perfect management mechanism, and high-quality products and services are all included in the website construction logo. Through continuous stimulation and repeated characterization, it remains deeply in the hearts of the audience.


1. Contrast LOGO design method: This method pursues color and color contrast, such as black and white gray, red, yellow, blue, etc .; shape and shape contrast, such as large, medium and small, thick and thin, square and garden, curved and straight, horizontal and horizontal Wait, give people a distinctive look.

网站建设 中点线面LOGO设计法:可全用大中小点构成,阴阳调配变化;也可全用线条构成,粗细方园曲直错落变化;也可纯粹用块面构成;也可点线面组合交织构成,给人以个性感和丰富感。 2. The dot line and surface LOGO design method in the website construction : it can be composed of large, medium and small dots, and the yin and yang can be changed; it can also be composed of lines, and the thickness and thickness of the square garden can be staggered. The face combination is interwoven, giving a sexy and rich sense.

3. Ordered LOGO design method: This method emphasizes the orderly, regular, quarterly, and rhythmic formation of graphics such as average, symmetry, uniformity, radiation, large or small hands, parallel or vertical movement, and misalignment, giving people regularity. sense.

4. Contradictory space LOGO design method: This method will make the graphic position upside down, upside down, left and right upside down, and make a special space after dislocation, giving people a sense of novelty.

5, common shape LOGO design method: When two graphics are merged, the edges of each other are shared, as if you have me, you have me, so as to form a complete graphic (1 + 1 = 1), such as Tai Chi The edges of the yin and yang in the picture are shared, the earth in the middle of "a", the inner line of "a" is shared with the earth's edge, etc., giving people a sense of strangeness. The forefront is just a common technique. In the design, we must continue to discover and create new techniques. With good ideas, good expressions and techniques, such as ignoring the overall beauty, are also imperfect. 网站建设 设计标记时一定要记住,一个成功的LOGO,既要有独创性,又须具有强烈的艺术美。 When making the design mark of Beijing website construction , we must keep in mind that a successful LOGO must have both originality and strong artistic beauty.


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