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We are not just making websites for companies, but helping companies build marketing systems to achieve corporate goals

Responsive Website Construction

Cross-platform browsing, achieve consistent reading of different resolution terminal styles, background data synchronization update, faster

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Every process is performed by professionals and has strict quality control

  • Demand communication

  • requesting research

  • plan

  • design

  • Build

  • Operation

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How to make a website

Website plan
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Common website types

Enterprise official website

Establishing a corporate image is an important way for companies to show their strength and seek development in the network

Product display

Directly and effectively display products to bring profits to the enterprise.

Member Services

It is suitable for medium-sized professional websites to better display various products or services provided by enterprises.

Enterprise e-commerce

Demonstrate the various products or services provided by the enterprise. Real-time acceptance of online orders and feedback from customers

Foreign trade professional

Gain overseas business opportunities and improve sales performance and brand awareness.

Brand display

Promote corporate products or services, expand influence, and effectively enhance corporate image.


Provide news information, make enterprise information resources flow smoothly.


Establish interaction between enterprises and products and users to increase user stickiness and user volume.

Integrated website construction

Lower cost and better effect, according to the actual requirements of customers, make a suitable combination plan

Five-in-one website construction
Website operation tracking
Upgrade and maintenance

管理系统 Independent background management system

Continuously upgraded and optimized cluster website management background

免费服务 Free service in the first year of the new station

Continuously upgraded and optimized cluster website management background

Site building knowledge
2019-12 16 2019-12

User experience is the core of website construction design

Color is also an element that needs attention in the construction of Beijing's website. Reasonable color matching will make users very comfortable to browse, but too bright colors are not desirable, such as bright colors such as red and yellow. These colors will be very dazzling. Make users very uncomfortable with hurting eyes

2019-12 16 2019-12

Teach you how to make a "simple atmosphere" Beijing website design

Under normal circumstances, if the website is developed with too many colors, on the one hand, it is not easy to control, and on the other hand, it will lose the balance of the entire page. Generally, the color developed by the Beijing website is divided into main color, auxiliary color, and embellishment color. Business pages are mainly reading and display, which can bring visitors a sense of security and trust, so do n’t use too many colors and elements and have alternative designs

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