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          Website building

          Mobile development





          about us

          WeChat development
          Software development outsourcing
          WeChat development plan
          • Microsite

            Create a rich and exquisite micro official website for you

            WeChat H5 development

            WeChat H5 development
            Exquisite WeChat H5 promotional pages, H5 scenes, H5 mini games, WeChat, WeChat invitation letter production, bring you traffic and sales

            WeChat generation operation

            WeChat generation operation
            Enterprises accurately position marketing strategies to assist companies in reviewing promotion channels

            WeChat Mini Program

            WeChat Mini Program
            Customized WeChat mini-program development and mini-program development solutions, involving life service, entertainment community, finance, real estate, education, tourism, medical and beauty industries
          • Fan Activity System

            Fan Activity System
            Easily help you realize fan interaction, such as research, appointments, social messages and other interactive content

            Member System

            Member System
            Help companies establish a membership management platform with membership management and statistical reports

            Online trading system

            Online trading system
            Multi-industry trading system development solves your pain points and realizes online and offline communication
          WeChat development case
          WeChat development process
          • 1 Demand communication
            01 Demand Communication

            Listen to customer needs and understand the user environment, application environment and operation flow of the customer's industry.

          • 2Project team established
            02Project team established

            Project team established

          • 3 UE planning
            03 UE Planning

            Process topology diagram, interface interaction design, scenario mode, prototype design

          • 4 debug interface
            04Debug interface

            Debug interface

          • 5 program development
            05 program development

            Architecture design, interface layout, database design, function implementation, data connection and development of mobile applications

          • 6 tests
            06 test

            Test case, unit test, integration test, system test

          • 7 acceptance
            07 acceptance


          • 8 review online
            08 review online

            Review online

          • 9 post maintenance
            09 late maintenance

            Follow-up after sales, maintenance work after launch

          WeChat customization plan
          Custom solutions

          Free WeChat Custom Development Program

          WeChat development offer
          Get a quote

          Understanding WeChat application development prices

          Internet Development Services
          售后咨询 QQ : 电话沟通 热线: 站内搜索 Pre-sale consultation Website construction online consultation After-sales consultation QQ: Telephone communication Hotline: Search in the station
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